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  • The Eagle Feather – Creator’s Messenger

    The Eagle Feather – Creator’s Messenger0

    Treaty 2 Territory – When the world was new, the Creator made all the birds.  He coloured their feathers like a bouquet of flowers. The Creator then gave each a  distinct song to sing. The Creator instructed the birds to greet each new day with a chorus of their songs. Of all the birds, our

  • Introducing The Earth Lodge Team0

    Treaty 2 Territory- The Earth Lodge Bundle continues to grow with the addition of more staff so we would like to introduce you to our amazing team.  As you read through the biographies, you will be quick to note that our Keeper, Bundle Holder and Helpers bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experiences

  • First Nations Worldviews vs Western Worldviews

    First Nations Worldviews vs Western Worldviews0

    Treat 2 Territory- A worldview can pertain to an individual, group, or society. Overall, a worldview is a set of beliefs and values that are honoured and withheld by a number of people. A worldview includes how the person or group interacts with the world around them, including land, animals, and people. Every person and


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