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  • Treaty 2 Member Profile; Hayden Lacquette

    Treaty 2 Member Profile; Hayden Lacquette0

    Treaty 2 Territory – This week I had a chance to talk with Hayden Lacquette, he was out skating with his friends enjoying his favorite sport hockey. Hayden is a 17 year old hockey player from the community of Mallard with family ties to Keeseekoowenin Ojibway Nation. Hayden just completed a shorten season with the

  • Live Stream Performances March 5th, 2021

    Live Stream Performances March 5th, 20210

    Treaty 2 Territory – Join us on our Treaty 2 Territory Facebook page and MTNLIVE Facebook page on Friday, March 5th, 2021 at 7:00 PM as we host Hoop Dancer Shanley Spence and Singer/Songwriter Gator Beaulieu. Miigwech to Tracy Bone and Lachelle Reanne for their performances on Friday, February 26th! Don’t forget to join us

  • MTNLive starts blogging for the first time…

    MTNLive starts blogging for the first time…0

    Treaty 2 Territory – Ahaam sa dash,…aazha ningii dagoshin Russell izhi, omaa ningaabii’anong,…last post for tonight,….ni-noondeshin,…ahaam sa dash,…forgive me for writing in English Gizhe Manitou,…First Law is’ chi Anishinaabemowan daabida aaniish,…geget gosha,…nindebwe,…well,…nga zhaaganaashiim shigo,…okay then,…here goes,…schedules are set for tomorrow,..going to try out the blog thing tonight,..writing about travelling and meeting face to face,…using our

  • Local Nation Helpers and Governance

    Local Nation Helpers and Governance0

    Treaty 2 Territory – The Local Nation Helpers gathered in Pinaymootang First Nation to discuss Constitution and Law Drafts. The group is currently developing their drafts which include Membership Code and Election Code. The next steps for the Local Nation Helpers are to engage with members of their Nation. The group discussed ways to obtain

  • Sports and Recreation, FNT2T Youth Council

    Sports and Recreation, FNT2T Youth Council0

    Treaty 2 Territory – 1 year ago the 2020 Winter Games were hosted in Pinaymootang First Nation. The Winter Games hosted 200 youth between the ages of 12 – 17 years old from the 11 Nations of the FNT2T. The games were a big success and discussions began immediately after on Summer Games. The FNT2T

  • FNT2T and Treaty Based Governance

    FNT2T and Treaty Based Governance0

    Treaty 2 Territory – Prior to the new comers arriving to Turtle Island, Indigenous people occupied this land since time immemorial. When the Creator positioned Anishinaabe people on Mother Earth, he provided us with Inherent Rights. Those Inherent Rights included taking care of the land and water. By doing this we’ve take care of each


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