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  • Canada’s Education – Oppressive Indoctrination

    Canada’s Education – Oppressive Indoctrination0

    Treaty 2 Territory – Education is a Treaty Right, I hear this is all the time.  However, it is an inherent right, granted to all from Kitchi Manitou, The Great Spirit, that flows through the family and nation your born into.  The obligation and responsibility to educate flows through the family and nation, from Kitchi

  • Graduation 20200

    Celebrating Graduation 2020 with Covid-19 restrictions in place.  Chrissie Shorting, from Pinaymootang First Nation, graduated from Grade 12 on June 10, 2020.  Chrissie moved to Winnipeg with her Baby Carter to finish high school.  Her hard work and perseverance paid off – congratulations Chrissie.  She will be going on to College in September 2020 to

  • FNT2T Regional Offices working together with local nations and service providers0

    Treaty 2  Territory – During the Covid 19 pandemic FNT2T government continues to move forward in supporting first nations in the treaty 2 territory. One objective of the 2020/21 workplan for the Regional Offices of Dauphin and Pinaymootang First Nation is to work collaboratively with the service providers in the territory that work in our