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    Allen Sutherland

    Waabishki Mazinazoot Mishtaatim White Spotted Horse Keeper of the Circles, Life Long Learning Lodge First Nations Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T)

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  • Mashkodebizhikii-wingwashk: Sage Harvesting

    Mashkodebizhikii-wingwashk: Sage Harvesting0

    Type of sage to look for: The Man Sage with the wide leaves (this is an artemisia species – Artemisia ludoviciana – and its one of about 200 species in North America). The Woman Sage is a lot smaller, shorter, way more fronds, and a little bit softer. There are more seeds on the stem. There

  • Mindimooyenh “One who holds things together”

    Mindimooyenh “One who holds things together”0

    As we are out harvesting our medicines, here are a few teachings. Mindimooyenh, the Ojibwe term for a female elder, best embodies how Ojibwe society perceived a woman’s power. In the Ojibwe language, it literally refers to “one who holds things together.” Older women who often had a ceremonial tie and expertise with plants and


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